Our assembly programs are a 45-minute educational concert experience with original songs that are appropriate for all ages, and includes student and teacher participation! We have several assemblies to choose from and we're able to modify our sets to include whatever topic or message you want to get across to your student body. We also offer classroom workshops that get students excited about learning!


Our original and most popular assembly. This high energy, character education based program focuses on topics such as literacy, perseverance, discovering potential and reaching goals through self-discipline. Appropriate for all ages!


Our anti-bullying assembly. This program focuses on tackling the issue of bullying by highlighting the key values of Respect, Acceptance and Positivity, while discussing the importance of creating a healthy community both in and out of school. Perfect for Red Ribbon week!


Our back to school assembly, motivate your student body to start the school year on the right foot. Throughout the program we discuss being original, taking ownership of your character, conquering the fear that comes with a new level, and the importance of a new beginning.  Great for first and second semester!


This program focuses on similar topics discussed in our Realize Anything's Possible Assembly but with a twist. Our main message in this program is aimed towards helping students celebrate their individuality, explaining the power of community, and the importance of being a guiding light to those who may be going through dark times.


Our end of year assembly. This program focuses on the importance of finishing strong, learning from our mistakes and preparing for the next level. This is an awesome way for any school to end their school year after weeks of testing or even getting the students excited about going into testing time!


Looking for a fresh way to observe Black History Month in February? In this assembly, students learn about African American history and its cultural impacts. We not only celebrate the contributions of those in the past, but also modern day heroes that carry on the legacies.

Hip Hop played a major role in shaping our culture so there's no better way than to present history in this cultural fashion, leaving a lasting memory of those who have impacted our world today.


This is a great way to get students excited about learning and showing them how they are actually skilled at retaining information, just like they are with their favorite songs. Our workshops are focused around the use of ELA in Hip Hop and how they can use rap to gain comprehension of any topic or subject. In the session, we will discuss the history of Hip Hop and how it compares and contrasts with today's rap, then students will engage in a hands on group activity that demonstrates how much of the lesson they comprehended by exhibiting their rap for the group. Students will learn various skills such as comprehension, collaboration, creativity and communication.